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Portrait Photography Services and Information

Gottschall Photography is located in Raleigh, NC and offers three types of portrait photography for the corporate and business community; studio portraits, location portraits and environmental portraits.

Typical usage for corporate images :

  • Public Relations
  • Editorial Articles
  • Magazine Covers
  • Company Web site
  • Annual Report
  • Marketing Purposes
  • Informational Brochures
  • Social Networking Profile
  • Executive Portraits
  • Business Portraits
  • Executive Environmental Portrait

The studio portrait is a traditional business portrait photographed with a plain background. The studio sessions last between a half hour and an hour.  Sessions take place at my studio or we can come to you with our mobile studio.

The location portrait is similar to a studio portrait but is exclusively shot at your place of business, incorporating indoor and/or outdoor elements, such as furniture, architecture and landscaping. Like the standard studio portrait , the location portrait requires a lighting set up.

The environmental portrait is photographed in your office or your business location and includes the subject’s surroundings. By photographing a person in their business environment, the image is a portrait of both the subject, revealing his/her personality, and a portrait their environment.

These environmental portrait sessions usually take approximately  two hours total, and include our arrival at your place of business with our mobile studio, scouting the area with you to find the best place to shoot, lighting set-up and as much as about an hour of shooting.


To gain a greater understanding of how Gottschall Photography can help you with your projects, please contact me.

PH: 919-821-9902

email: mail@gottschallphoto.com